You know you want it... Go ahead, subscribe now!

The subscription now is for the March-April bag. Yes, we are only gonna have ONE bag in two months now. Price is still RM39.90 per bag and this bag will go out mid April.

You can now only do a manual or online bank in to Pandoras Bag, 5123 9806 2914 (Maybank). Then email your name, address, mobile number and bank in slip to

• For East Malaysians, it will be RM39.90 + RM8 (postage) per month.
• We have limited bags and it will be allocated to a first come first serve basis.
• Once that month's subscription is full, your subscription will automatically be for the following month.
• There will be no reply to the subscription emails that you send to
• If you have any queries, please do message us on

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